Acidogastrometer Gastroscan®-5
  Acidogastrometer AGM-05 K (Gastroscan-5)                       
The computer acidogastrometer Gastroscan-5 is intended for intragastric pH-metry and for diagnosis of esophagus, stomach and duodenum diseases. Russian specification of the Gastroscan-5 is
АГМ-05К, ТУ 9441-001-13306657-2003.

  • examines simultaneously from 1 to 5 patients

  • explores the basal and stimulated acidity carries alkali, acid and other tests and drugs tests

  • makes the measurement of acidity in the range from 1.1 to 9.2 pH in several (from 1 to 5) points of the gastrointestinal tract in each patient

  • the measurement results are immediately indicates on a computer monitor that allows the physician to decide on the mode of further study of each patient, taking into account the results obtained

  • gives clues to medical personnel to implement the test

  • gives medical records about the upper gastrointenstinal tract
  • saves the results of a test in the database

  • allows to detect acid related pathology and choose individual drug therapy.

More information about the Gastroscan-5 in Russian read here.


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